frequently asked questions

1. What products do you sell and how much do they cost?

All products/prices are shown on these pages or on the specific pages for each product.

2. How can I order from House of Henry and what happens next?
Products are available to purchase online, simply make the choices requested within each listing, send me your logo if required, and I will follow up with digital visuals for you to approve prior to printing where necessary.

If you require more items than the product page is showing as available then contact me directly with your requirements and I will let you know when new stock will be coming in. 


Once your order has been received, you may be required to approve digital visuals so keep an eye on your inbox (and your spam/junk folder) for those. If the order is straightforward then I will go ahead with production. 

3. Do you do discounts on bulk orders?
I have worked hard to source great quality products at prices that are achievable for small businesses, so to keep the business viable I’m afraid I cannot offer discounts. I design, make and print everything myself by hand individually... so the larger the order, the longer it takes to make.

Prices are static throughout the year (no sales) so it's easy to budget for your business. Consistent pricing also means access to my products is fair to everyone no matter the size of your business.

4. Why do I have to order a minimum number of products?
The process of taking your order from enquiry through to delivery is very lengthy, so for many reasons it wouldn’t be efficient nor cost effective to carry out this process for just one product. I have set the minimum order quantities as low as I can to be within reach for customers as a priority, whilst taking into account the cost of materials and equipment required, along with the length of artwork, setup and production time involved. 


There are a couple of exceptions to this however, such as some of the bags and cushion covers. These are all available singularly as I appreciate that a small business may possibly only require one of these. 

5. What happens if my logo isn’t good enough quality to use?
This happens quite often so I offer a logo repair service. Logos are the cornerstone of your business and branding, they demonstrate your professionalism, and should be clear and high resolution. You are more than welcome to email me your logo to check if it is suitable to use. If don’t have one at all click here. It is also essential that you own the copyright to your logo. Images obtained illegally from 'Google images' for example cannot be used, nor templated print sites such as Vistaprint who own all of the copyright associated with the elements used in their templates. House of Henry reserves the right to cancel and refund any orders if a logo or image representing your business or brand has been submitted from such a source. 

6. Will I get to see what my products will look like before I receive them?
In most cases yes. A lot of time and effort goes into making and printing your products, I wouldn’t want them to be printed incorrectly so where the design needs some consideration you will receive a digital visual of your order to approve prior to printing to make sure you are happy before I continue. Once your order has been paid for and instructions taken as to how you would like your products to be designed, I will create a digital proof and email it to you. If your instructions are straightforward, there will be no need for a proof.

7. Do you only sell the products shown?

As a rule, yes. All the products I sell have been carefully researched and tested to make sure they are of a high standard of quality and performance. New products are added from time to time, but if you are looking for something that isn't listed just give me a shout and I will see what I can do. You would need to be placing an order for a fairly large quantity but it's always worth asking.

8. If I send you some blank products will you print on them for me?

It is company policy not to take in blank items from customers to print on to. All of the products I sell have been researched and sourced specifically to work with the printing processes I use. I would not be able to guarantee a good result from items sent from unknown sources.

9. I was expecting an email, where is it?
I always reply to every email I get within a few working hours, no email gets left unanswered. So if you are expecting something from me but you haven’t received it please check your spam / junk folders as it's likely it will be hiding in there. I can't control what your email server thinks is junk, so please keep an eye out.

10. How much is postage and packing and do you ship outside the UK?

Delivery and returns information can be found here, but please do get in touch if you have any further questions. Because so much time and effort goes into making your orders, I only use a signed-for method of delivery, either Royal Mail first class, special or courier delivery. I currently only ship within the UK.

11. How long will my order take?

I do my best to dispatch orders within a few days, but sometimes this can be longer depending on the products you have ordered. If I need to order stock in for larger orders, it can be up to 10 working days but I will keep you fully informed from the outset if this the case.

12. What are the benefits of becoming a member of House of Henry?

Once you have become a member, you will be able to log in to your account, check the status of your order and see a list of previous orders. You will also be able to change your personal details and have access to the 'Product Spotlight' page. Also, as a member, anything you place in your basket will be stored there until you check out.

13. How do I leave a review for you?

I'd be delighted if you would like to leave a review, there is a form on this page. I also love seeing your products in action, so please do tag me using my social media username @houseofhenryuk

14. How do I keep up to date with news from House of Henry?

Head over here to get on the list... I won't fill up your inbox, but every now and again I will send you information that I think might be of interest to you and your business. If you are a member of House of Henry you will automatically receive email update, so there's no need to do both.

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