• Alison Price

Calling all Pet Businesses!

You're invited to a shiny new Facebook group for you to ask all your pet business questions! Introducing the Pet Business All Stars: For dog walkers, daycares, groomers and trainers.

The group is run by the dazzling Rosie from WUF Design and the sparkling Rikki from The Canine Copywriter, and I am delighted to have been made a Group Expert along with Rachel from Rachel Spencer and Christi from Paws on Social.

We come together as a collective of seasoned pet professionals, all with our own specialisms, and with a shared dedication to helping pet carers to establish and grow successful businesses.

We will be talking about the business side of owning a pet business; from setting up the fundamentals to growing. We’ll be sharing insights, tips and we’ll be rocking up to support our community to build businesses that flourish.

And we'd absolutely love to see you in there! Click here to join the group!