• Alison Price

In March 2021 I changed focus. Here’s what happened next…

The doors to the production side of House of Henry closed much sooner than anticipated. After taking the difficult decision to concentrate on the graphic design side instead (read all about that here), I thought that the stock I had would last until around June 2021, but by the middle of March I was pretty much all out!

When I made the announcement that I was closing, the website was soon decimated! I had braced myself for customers buying in bulk before I closed but I wasn't quite prepared for the amount of orders I received that evening. In busy times before, I would be forced to close temporarily to clear the backlog, but that would be too confusing all round – to close, then reopen again, only to then close permanently again! So I had to dig deeper than ever before and get all of the orders out as quickly and efficiently as I could. I knew that the surge in orders would never be as large again as they were that evening, so it was a case of keeping on going until they were all done. I made it in the end!

Then came the tricky task of turning my little office/workshop back into an office again. The equipment was shipped out in a variety of fashions (the electric guillotine almost ended up embedded in the wall of the downstairs toilet but we don't talk about that!) and I put my office back together in a way that is 'conducive to creativity and clear-thinking'. Ha! Who am I kidding?! I filled it with pink accessories including fluffy cushions for the sofa-bed that I'd (ok ok it was Mr HofH) brought down from upstairs, put a giant photo of Henry on the wall and placed a funky neon lamp from bubblebulbs.com on my desk! I was set! Now all I needed were the clients...

Luckily I already had some projects lined up ready to go, ones that I had been wading through the remaining bow ties, pet tags and walking bags trying to get to! Everyone embraced the change, for that I will be eternally grateful. Funnily enough, more of the projects I have been working on these past three months have come from entirely new clients rather than past customers. I am not sure of the reason for that except that perhaps it was/is the new website featuring just graphic design has appealed to a new audience. Either way, I have been lovely and busy continuously... but not a frantic, bonkers, don't-know-which-way-is-up busy like before. This is a calm, controlled and measured busy, and I am loving every second of it.

To get an insight into the new projects I have been working on, take a look at the portfolio page or my Instagram feed. Having worked for more than 23 years as a graphic designer, I am now more settled than ever and feel very privileged to be working in the pet industry space.

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