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Your Pet Holidays 2022 Calendar (and how to start your own)

A national day or 'holiday' is a specific day every year used to raise awareness of a particular issue or celebration. You can even register your own pet holiday 2022 as part of your marketing plan! Read on to find out where to start...

How to use pet holidays in your pet business

National days such as pet holidays are a great way to market your pet business and extend your reach on social media.

You might piggyback other national pet holidays, or even create your own!

Have a look at the list of annual pet holidays below and see which may be relevant to your audience or business. How can you make the most of the national day for your pet business?

You might put together a blog ahead of the day, craft some social media posts, or even use them as inspiration for a challenge. Above all, just have fun with them! There are no rules.

If you’re interested in creating your own national pet holiday, download my free Pet Holidays Toolkit here.

The pet holidays 2022 list below is not exhaustive, but gives you a little insight into what you could use in your marketing plan. They’re curated for a UK audience and are mostly relevant to dogs, cats and domestic pets. National days tend to have a fun element to them, awareness days are usually related to health matters.

I've even created a fabulous Trello board for you to access and plan your content – enter your email address on this page and you will be sent the link. Simply log in to your Trello account and make a copy if you'd like to plan your content and add notes to the days.

A quick note – double check the date if you are planning to use one as un-registered days/dates can change sometimes. And of course give me a shout if you have one you’d like me to add to the list.

January 2022 pet holidays

Walk your dog month

14th – National dress up your pet day

22nd – National answer your cat's question day

24th – Change a pet's life day

February 2022 pet holidays

Dog training education month

Pet dental health month

National cat health month

Responsible pet owners month

20th – National love your pet day

22nd – National walk your dog day

23rd – Dog biscuit appreciation day

March 2022 pet holidays

Pet anxiety month

14th – Pet theft awareness day

20th – Dogs in yellow day*

23rd – National puppy day

27th – National terrier day*

April 2022 pet holidays

Active dog month

National pet first aid month

2nd – Don't walk your dog day

10th – National hug your dog day

11th – National pet day

18th – Pet owners independence day

19th – National dog parent appreciation day

19th – National cat lady day

23rd – National lost dog awareness day

27th – International guide dog day

30th – National therapy animal day

May 2022 pet holidays

National pet month 1st – Start of National pet week

2nd – Mayday for mutts

2nd – Start of dog anxiety awareness week

14th – Chihuahua appreciation day

14th – Pick up poo day

20th – National rescue dog day

29th – National dog friendly day

June 2022 pet holidays

National foster a pet month 4th – Hug your cat day

5th – Start of National pet appreciation week

9th – World pet memorial day

20th – Start of Take your pet to work week

24th – Take your dog to work day

July 2022 pet holidays

1st – ID your pet day

1st – National pet travel safety day

5th – National pet remembrance day

14th – Dog on a lead day*

26th – National dog photography day

31st – National mutt day

August 2022 pet holidays

5th – Work like a dog day

8th – International cat day

10th – Spoil your dog day

21st – International homeless animals day

26th – National dog day

28th – Rainbow bridge remembrance day

30th – National holistic pet day

September 2022 pet holidays

National pet insurance month

National service dog month

5th – Canine enrichment day

8th – National dog walker appreciation day

9th – Happy dog day

11th – National pet memorial day

20th – Start of National dog week

18th – Start of Deaf pet awareness week

18th – Love your dog groomer day

25th – National Schnauzer day

27th – Sighthound day

30th – Pet tricks day

30th – Dog separation anxiety day

October 2022 pet holidays

National pet wellness month

1st – Start of National walk your dog week

1st – National black dog day

2nd – Canine companion day

4th – World animal/pet day

12th – Pet obesity awareness day

18th – Bull Breed Day

27th – National black cat day

29th – National cat day

29th – Muddy dog day*

November 2022 pet holidays

Pet cancer awareness month

Pet diabetes month

National senior pet month

1st – National cook for your pets day

1st – International pet groomer appreciation day

6th – Start of National animal shelter and rescue appreciation week

7th – National canine lymphoma awareness day

12th – World animal enrichment day

25th – National dog breeder day*

December 2022 pet holidays

National cat lovers' month

1st – Twin with your dog day*

2nd – National mutt day (again)

Creating your own Pet Holiday

If you’re feeling inspired and have an idea for your own national pet holiday, then this podcast by Rachel Spencer is fantastic. Rachel even offers an Awareness Day Bundle which will help you plan your day and get press coverage to really maximise your results. For more information and to book, get in touch with Rachel here.

For an outline of what it takes to run a national day, I have created a toolkit for you:

Download your Pet Holidays Toolkit here

Marketing your pet holiday on social media

National pet holidays are generally promoted on social media – but they can also be an opportunity to get your business in the press!

For example, with the help of Rachel Spencer, Kim O’Donnell’s (Leo Charley & Me) #twinwithyourdogday was featured in her local paper, The Daily Star, Take a Break, The Daily Mirror and The Daily Mail. And Sarah Jones (My Anxious Dog), again with the expert help of Rachel, had an incredible 11 pieces of national press in just four days!

When planning your own National day, keep in mind that you are using it as a vehicle to promote your business, so all paths should lead back to you and the products and services you offer.

You'll notice some of the pet holidays in the list above are *starred*... I created the graphics for these campaigns consisting of a Facebook page header and social media posts for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They are branded to sit alongside your business, making sure your audience make the connection.

Take a look at National Terrier Day for example – there's a Facebook header, and main information posts can be shared in the few weeks leading up to your day, to raise awareness. Then posts on the days itself are a mixture of engagement and promotion.

Pet holidays 2022

Jo from Distinctive Pets went a step further when marketing her 'Muddy Dog Day' by having a lead magnet designed (by me!) to pull together all of the products she sells that were relevant to the day. This took the form of an interactive PDF much like a digital magazine, with clickable links back through to specific products on her website (mugs, microfibre towels, dog soap etc.)

See how it all fits together to beautifully, whilst staying on-brand and on-message?

Pet holidays 2022
Pet holidays 2022

Check out my National pet holiday package here to see how to supercharge your brand’s visibility with your national day. And if you would like an accompanying lead magnet, head over to my blog post What is a lead magnet? to find out more.

And if you'd like to chat further, give me a shout: alison@houseofhenry.uk