• Alison Price

What is a Lead Magnet? (plus how to make yours great!)

Lead magnets go by lots of names... you might have seen them called freebies, interactive PDFs (iPDF), digital downloads, eBooks etc., but whatever you call them, they're a fabulous way to connect with your clients/customers.

Read on to find out why!

What is a lead magnet?

So, the official definition of a lead magnet is 'a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details. Marketers use lead magnets to create sales leads.' (Thank you, Investopedia).

A lead magnet usually takes the form of an interactive PDF and are downloadable from a landing page, your website or sent via email following a sign-up process.

Think of your lead magnet as a digital brochure/magazine that delivers value to your target audience - and gathers you their email addresses in exchange for the free goodies!

What does a lead magnet do?

Lead magnets are used primarily to gather email addresses, but they do a lot more than that! They also...

  • Provide actionable value that the reader can’t easily find elsewhere

  • Demonstrate to your audience that you're the go-to expert on a particular subject

  • Help to nurture your audience and keep your brand uppermost in their minds

  • Allow you to attract people who have a genuine interest in your products/services

Why do I need a lead magnet?

If you want to add another string to your marketing bow, then a lead magnet is a brilliant way to get started with email marketing. It allows you to grow a warm list of contacts who have shown a keen interest in what it is you do.

It also allows you to communicate with your people away from the hustle and bustle of competitive social media feeds. When you land in their inbox, they have a greater attention span and are ready to hear what you want to share.

What do I put in a lead magnet?

The key to a lead magnets success is to work out what you want to achieve before you start to write the content (and if you need some help with this part, give me a shout as I know THE perfect person!).

Are you after new clients? More sales? Want to impart knowledge? Promote your services?

Knowing the goal of your lead magnet is vital to have nailed down before you start creating the content.

Download your free lead magnet checklist here and discover the 12 simple steps to lead magnet gold!

10 types of digital lead magnets

Once you get started thinking about lead magnets, the ideas start flowing. Check out these ideas for digital lead magnets and see if they trigger some inspiration!

  • Mini-guide

  • Ebook

  • Template

  • Checklist

  • Gift Guide

  • Workbooks

  • Worksheets

  • Swipe Files

  • Planners

  • Cheat Sheet

What is a lead magnet?

Take a look at the guides above for even more inspiration!

Top tips for producing a valuable lead magnet

1. Make it easy to consume

In general, a lead magnet needs to be long enough to provide value but short enough that the content can be consumed within 5 minutes or so (around 4 to 8 pages works nicely)

2. Make it truly valuable

Create content that’s truly valuable to your target audience. If you want someone to give up their email address, you don’t want them feeling disappointed for what they receive in return!

3. Make it specific!

As above, you want people who opt-in and download your lead magnet to feel like they got what they came for. So be specific about what it is, who it’s for and the problem it solves. So everyone knows what to expect.

4. Make access instant

When someone opts in to download your lead magnet, make sure they get the content easily! So either set it up to download right there on the page or set up an automated email that goes out immediately upon sign up.

5. Make it beautiful

A beautifully designed lead magnet with clickable links that make it easy for your reader to take action will exceed your audience's expectations and harvest better results.

If this sounds exciting to you, but you're unsure where to start, why not download my 'Lead Magnet Checklist freebie'

Next steps...

If you have an idea of your own and want to see if it’s got legs, give me a shout at alison@houseofhenry.uk with a summary, and I will take a look and let you know what I think.

Or if you've decided what your guide is going to be about and you're raring to go, email me and let's get cracking!