• Alison Price

What is brand identity? (and how to create a great one!)

Your brand is more than just your logo

Your brand identity is the look, feel and style of your business, but it all starts with understanding your brand as a whole.

But what is brand identity specifically? And does it really matter?

Let’s take a look at the details, so you can discover how to create your very own brand identity that’ll set you apart from the competition.

What is a brand?

Your brand is made up of a number of elements... the aim being for them to work consistently and seamlessly together to create a 'style' which is representative of your business. Let's dive into the specifics...

BRAND PURPOSE: What is the point of your business? This might sound a little flippant, but put simply, you need to identify the reason why your business exists and what question your business provides the answer to. With a strong idea of your 'why', you can then start to build a brand identity that appeals to your target audience.

BRAND PROMISE: What do you promise to provide for your clients/customers? This goes further than just 'I walk their dogs' or 'I groom their dogs', it's about what your clients/customers can expect to receive or experience every time they use your products or services. The more times you deliver what you promise, the stronger your value as brand becomes.

BRAND (TONE OF) VOICE: How do you want your business to come across, fun? informative? expert? all of the above? With small businesses especially, the tone of voice is often reflective of the personality of the business owner in the first instance. You will naturally bring your own personal tone of voice and style to your dealings with clients/customers and your audience. It's pretty hard to maintain a tone of voice that just isn't 'you', so it's important to be authentic in your business.

Customer service straddles both brand voice and brand promise. Imagine booking dinner at a beautiful restaurant... the shop front is stunning with high end styling throughout and top notch cuisine... but your server is abrupt, rude and impatient. Would you still be happy with your experience? I know I wouldn't. Branding isn't just about pretty pictures, you have to be able to back it up.

BRAND VALUES: What does your business stand for? What beliefs do you hold? Having a strong idea of what you are all about and how you maintain your values will provide integrity in your business journey. It also indicates the kinds of clients/customers you are attracting or seeking to attract. You may decide not to work for/with those who do not share your values.

BRAND POSITION: Are you high end, with a quality product/service and price point to match? Or are you a looking at pitching your offerings to a lower, broader market? Both are totally acceptable of course, you just need to be clear about who your business is aimed at and market to them in a way that appeals, dependent on your positioning.

And finally we're on to my favourite part...

BRAND IDENTITY: This is the visual style of your business. Everything from your logo, colour palette, font choices, imagery, shapes, styling... the works. All of these visible elements work hand in hand to create a style which distinguishes you from the competition, and of course, represents your brand as a whole.

Why is branding important?

Your branding is what makes your business instantly recognisable, but it’s a lot more than that. The colours, fonts, and graphics you use should connect to the personality of your brand, giving consumers an instant feel for the values and feel of your business.

These styling choices reflect the vibe of your brand and they’re the foundation of all of your design work and marketing assets.

When your branding is consistent it not only creates recognition but trust. Your audience begins to trust in what to expect when you show up.

We’ll move on shortly on how to create your own brand identity, but first, let’s look at some examples.

Brand identity examples

How to create a brand identity for your pet business

To really get to grips with the visual side of your brand identity, you need to be across all elements of your brand (purpose, promise, positioning etc.). A graphic designer who offers branding as a service will need to be armed with all aspects of the vision you have for your brand in order to create graphics that align with it.

Building the foundation of your brand is the first stage, the visual side is then built to reflect that. If you commission a graphic designer to create your brand identity, they will guide you through the process, so please don't feel overwhelmed, help is at hand. If you need help choosing a graphic designer who is perfect for you, this blog post can help.

Simple brand checklist

The graphic designer you choose to work on your brand identity will have their own processes and questions to shape the brief they need to begin working up ideas. But in the meantime, this simple brand checklist will help get your thoughts into some order before you approach a designer for the visual stage.

Download my free Simple Brand Checklist here

How to roll out your branding effectively

Now that you have your visual graphics all sewn up, it's time to show the world what you're all about! Don't forget, your business it's about ALL elements of your brand... it's no good having fun, funky graphics on your website if the accompanying text is dreary and full of typos.

Upon completion of your brand identity creation, you'll likely have been provided a set of brand guidelines and ideally a mood board or stylescape to help you keep your future branding consistent. Using the same fonts, colour palette, imagery and style that you and your designer have worked so hard on will ensure longevity and familiarity with your audience.

Ready to get clear on your brand identity?

If you’re ready to level up the branding of your pet business, then you’re in exactly the right place!

I specialise in graphic design and branding especially for pet brands. And I’d love to help you transform yours into something that is uniquely you, attention-grabbing and FABULOUS!

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