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5 signs it's time for a rebrand (plus, how to do it)

They say that change is as good as a rest. But what happens when that ‘change’ to your business – the one you know you really need to make – feels like a mountain of work and admin?

Knowing when to rebrand isn’t an exact science, it’s a feeling.

Does your branding leave you feeling a bit cold? Perhaps it no longer serves your business in its current form? Or perhaps you did a bit of DIY design at the start of your business journey and now you want something professional that accurately represents your brand and values?

Read on to see whether your business is showing itself in its best light, or whether it’s time to change things up.

Do small businesses need branding?

Branding covers many things, more about that in this blog post, but essentially it’s the feelings and perceptions that people have of you and your business. Without a clear, appropriate brand purpose, promise, voice, values, position and identity, you are likely to be attracting the wrong kinds of clients/customers, or worse none at all. Whether you’re a one-person-band or big conglomerate, the benefits to your business of professional branding are infinite.

Businesses change and evolve over time. As you learn more about yours, where you want to position yourself, and the kinds of clients/customers you want to attract, you may find that your original branding isn’t quite keeping up…

When to rebrand – 5 signs it's time

When is it time to refresh and revamp the look and feel of your brand?

1. You look like all the other dog groomers/walkers/trainers/retailers out there

This is particularly true if you were a bit of a DIY designer at the start and enlisted the help of Canva and the like to create a logo. A logo is just a small part of your brand. By picking something off the peg which just ‘looks good’ but has no real meaning or strategy behind it, you run the risk of ending up looking like everyone else in your industry who has done the same thing. You haven’t explored your brand beyond the logo and now it has evolved and left that generic logo looking like a misfit.

2. You want to attract a different calibre of client/customer

Perhaps you have grown out of the audience you built up in your first year or two? Or maybe you’ve added to, improved or changed the line-up of your products/services and need to readdress the way you market to your new customer base?

3. Your brand looks out of date

Design is ever-changing, so it’s no surprise that a logo or visuals you were using five years ago don’t look that great anymore. Taking a fresh look at your business and how it looks right now and into the future can have a revitalising effect on your mindset as well as your business and its growth as a result. A rebrand can energise you in ways you’d never considered.

4. It doesn’t give you room to grow

Maybe you started out as a dog groomer but now offer products in your salon, or you began as a dog walker and have now added training to your services. If your branding and logo depict how you started out, how will you hope to appeal to a whole new set of people in the future? With a rebrand.

5. You just don’t like it anymore

This is a common one, and something I see from clients a lot when they approach me about a rebrand. It could be that you out and out hate it, or that something just doesn’t quite feel right. Either way it’s really difficult to feel passionate about your business when its visual presence doesn’t align with your new vision.

Benefits of rebranding

1. You want to stand out

It’s tough out there, around every corner there’s another dog groomer/walker/trainer/retailer vying for the attention of your shared audience. Rebranding will set you on the right path and can even inspire you to grow your business even more.

2. You want to increase your prices

Attracting a new audience with the same old branding is going to be really tricky, especially if you want to increase your prices. The main worry clients have with rebranding is that they will alienate a section of their client base. But isn’t that what you want to happen? To move your business forward and boost your bottom line as a result, there are inevitably going to be some people left behind. But that’s ok, the die-hard fans will evolve with you and the others will find a different company who fulfils for them what your business used to. You can then set your sights on growing your new community.

3. A fresh new look

Working through a rebrand with a professional brand designer can be both liberating and inspirational. When I take my clients on their journeys, they often comment that it has revealed much more about where they want to take their business than they thought it would.

A couple of rebranding examples

“Thank you for bringing to life my vision for the business. Not only have you given me the brand i envisaged you have actually inspired me and opened up the door for new and exciting future opportunities.” Laura – The Canine Treat Club

"I’m so pleased I went ahead with rebranding my business with Alison, I absolutely love the result. It was important for me to incorporate my dogs into my logo as they are the inspiration behind my business. Alison captured them so perfectly and has given me a brand I can be proud of. Along with my logo, I now have a colour scheme and fonts, making it so much easier to keep my branding consistent.” Amy – Kero & Bree

4. You can add new products and services knowing they will fit with your new brand

Once you have worked through the rebranding process with a professional, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that whatever you add to your business in the future will fit into your new brand style and purpose. Your brand will have space to breathe and room to grow.

5. You fall in love with your business again Rebranding can give you and your business a new lease of life. It can feel daunting, yes, but really exciting at the same time. It will open doors to new opportunities and you’ll feel confident going out there and showing off your products and services, raising your prices, appealing to a new audience, whatever your aim for your rebrand was. You won’t be able to stop yourself!

Ready to consider a rebrand? Download this FREE Simple Brand Checklist to help you get started:

Rebranding touchpoints – leave no stone unturned!

The work needed for a rebrand will stretch far and wide but don’t worry, with the right guidance you will be rolling out your new brand in no time. Consistency across printed materials, corporate stationery, company literature, website, social media, lead magnets etc. is essential but all totally doable.

Try not to get overwhelmed, your brand designer will have created a blueprint for your brand to work from, so you’ll never be left high and dry. They want your brand to be shown in the best possible light too, so use their skills and experience to get your visual presence out there for all to see consistently and sympathetic to your new brand guidelines.

Rolling out your rebrand

Hopefully you’ll have built up a great relationship with your brand designer, so it makes sense to use them to roll out your brand from the point of approval. They may not cover all bases (I don’t build websites for example) so they may be able to recommend other businesses to help you. And don’t forget you’ll have your brand guidelines (I create a stylescape for my clients) which serves as a blueprint, to give to other creatives. This makes sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

I know it can be tempting to take your new brand and start to DIY it all over the place in all the excitement… but step away from Canva for a moment and decide whether you think you will be able to do it justice? You have gone through the rebranding journey with a professional for a reason… keep that in mind when considering next steps. Ask for your designer’s help and recommendations, they will be more than willing to assist when it comes to helping to protect your new brand style.

In conclusion

So there we have it! Rebranding in a nutshell… did any of the points resonate with you? If you fancy a chat about your business and where a professional rebrand could take you, grab a copy of my price list below, have a peruse of the packages I offer and book in a discovery call with me. My Calendly link is on the final page.

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