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Solving the social media puzzle

8 Aug 2018

Katie Tovey-Grindlay is the owner of Business Wonderland. She has spent the past four years helping, teaching and supporting entrepreneurs online to attract their idea clients in a clear and authentic way. Business Wonderland helps entrepreneurs take their social media to the next level and overcome their fears with honest and authentic advice. We asked Katie to guide us through the maze of social media...


1. What are the benefits of being on social media as a business? 

Social media should be part of the marketing plan for your business. It can help you build a fantastic relationship with your clients, help promote your business and be part of a community.


2. Which social media platforms are the best for businesses and why? 

The best social media platform is really specific to the type of business you have and where your customers are hanging out online. Of course you also need to enjoy being on the platform as well so that it's not a chore. 


3. The internet is so big! Where on earth do businesses find things to post about and what if nobody likes or comments?

Over on Business Wonderland you can download 50 things to post on social media. If nobody likes or comments on your social media posts it could be due to the size of your account or it could be that you are posting content that your audience does not find entertaining or educational.


4. How long would you recommend business owners spend on social media each day and how can this be achieved alongside actually running a business? 

Social media should be included as part of your marketing plan and it's something that shouldn't be avoided. You could spend hours and hours a day on social media if you wanted to, but ideally you should be able to do everything in one hour per day.  


5. Apparently social media platforms work against businesses such as not showing people their posts etc. is this true and if so is there a way around it?

This is 100% NOT true. Some small business owners believe is it and I am really not sure why. Facebook is a business as well as a community. They want people to use the platform and hang out on the platform so why would they work against businesses? They make a huge amount of money per day from businesses being on Facebook. I think a lot of business owners don't want to pay for social media, sadly the days of it being free are long gone. You don't need a huge budget for ads. You can pay as little as £7 per week as and when you need to. 


6. What are your thoughts on automated social media services... do they save time? 

Automated social media schedulers are great, I use one for Twitter. Facebook has its own in-built scheduler for Facebook pages which I highly recommend using. Facebook doesn't like third party tools such as Buffer etc. You will find that your posts get a lower reach if you use a third party tool on Facebook. If you are scheduling your social media, do remember to go back and reply to comments.