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Introducing a new dog to a household with dogs

29 Nov 2017

Having grown up with dogs, Katie (self-confessed ‘crazy dog lady’) soon found that her affinity with man's best friend went beyond just enjoying their company. She can often be found practising behavioural training, Heelwork To Music and grooming tips on her five dogs; Deano the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Prinnie & Merloe the Chihuahuas, and Eric & Boudicca the French Bulldogs. Today Katie talks to us about how best to introduce a dog into a household with dogs, something she has gone through a few times as her pack of Pages Pooches has grown.


1. Dogs like to live in packs, so is it a good idea to own more than one at a time? 

Dogs can be happy within a multi-dog house hold or as a single dog. Dogs are domesticated enough to see us humans as pack members, therefore only having one dog is not a problem at all.


2. At what point is it best to introduce a new dog to a household with an existing dog, do they need to be quite young to get on? 

All dogs are different, and if introduced correctly they can get on at any age. Introducing a new dog can be a lengthy process, so it is best to ensure that you have the time for this. It is not advised to get another dog if you are going on holiday within the first month or moving to a new house, this can unsettle the original dog which can in turn cause more stress for everyone. 


3. Is it best to get a new dog of the same breed as the original dog, or are there particular breeds that get on better?

I believe that there is always the potential to integrate two dogs of different breeds into a household and have a successful friendship. However, you must be mindful of your original dog. If you have a very calm elderly dog for example, you must be careful not introduce a dog that is too boisterous and overwhelming for the existing dog. Secondly, you must bear in mind your own lifestyle, i.e. do you have the time,