Hi I'm Alison! Lovely to meet you...​ it was after bringing home our first ever puppy, Henry the cockapoo in April 2016, that I discovered my love for all things dog! In June 2017 I decided to combine my 23 year career and experience as a graphic designer, artworker, photographic retoucher and business owner, with my new found passion for dogs and created House of Henry, offering pet-related businesses of the UK uniquely designed branded products and graphic design services.


The product side of the business experienced an overwhelmingly busy first few years and grew beyond a level that I was able to manage by myself, so in early 2021 I decided to wind it down and focus on the graphic design side instead. This includes branding and logo design, graphic design for print, and digital graphics such as interactive PDFs and social media graphics. 

Have a look around then download the price list to find out more about how I can help you.